Specialized Over-the-Phone and Web Video Interpretation with Japan

We offer consecutive Over-the-Phone (OPI) and Web Video interpretation, exclusively for small business and technical settings that are complex or largely unscripted, with fast interaction being a priority. We work between Japanese and English with possible extensions to other languages. This service is based on hands-on experience developing, fine-tuning and running an OPI operation between Japanese and English for a major drug company for over two years.  This company was active in clinical research, involving round-the-clock teams of interpreters, linking multiple entities in two continents.

One-time Scheduled Over-the-Phone Interpretation Service

We provide scheduled Over-the-Phone or Web Video consecutive interpretation without prior contracting. Inquire for fees and conditions.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation Solutions Design and Management

For regular time critical Over-the-Phone Interpretation needs, we provide dedicated custom solutions designed to meet all your requirements for specialization, regularity and time constraints. Our service is especially suited for small settings, either leveraging your current communication system, or exploiting diverse communication solutions over the Internet. These usually incur very small or no cost.

Continuity with Face to Face Interpretation 

All these services can be sustained by standard face-to-face interpretation in your home country or in Japan whenever you meet with your Japanese partners.

Who needs Specialized Over-the-Phone Interpretation?

Specialized Over-the-Phone Interpretation is valuable in the context of cross-national projects involving remote, online collaboration sessions, or remote services delivery.  This delivery is typically assistance, consultation, training, on-going business and technical conversations that are critical for business continuity and goal reaching. 

Interaction with your Japanese partner could suffice with regular or “ahead of time” scheduled sessions. However, circumstances may require  communication to take place at unscheduled times with variable levels of urgency.  

Examples of Over-the-Phone Interpretation Usage

- Non-urgent settings may consist of cross-continent presentations and remote training, coaching, interviewing or consultation settings, where participants, including the interpreter, are located in various places while sharing a single view on a computer monitor. In specific situations, the interpreter may be at the side of your clients or at your location.

- Urgent settings may consist of cross-continent R&D with time constraints, projects development programs, or risk control situations where fast interaction at scheduled or unscheduled times is a requisite.

We can deliver at all levels of urgency and scheduling constraints.  We can also design protocols and scenarios to support remote interpretation in a mobile situation - when one or more of the participants in the communication channel is moving in the field.

Why use Over-the-Phone Intepretation?

We do not claim nor do we believe that OPI will ever replace face-to-face communication. Face-to-face communication is more flexible, but OPI can be as efficient. In some incidences, it may be more effective because of the constraints to manage both time and communication by focusing harder on the issues at stake. 

If it is applied with a clear purpose, using specialized interpreters, OPI is a powerful means of communication. In the course of long term commercial, technical or research based international interaction between you and your Japanese partners, communication, or the lack or vagueness of it, will be major factors of resource depletion, loss of time, and finally loss of your money. 

OPI can play an important role in getting things done while remote, making the time until your next face-to-face meeting with your Japanese partners a constructive, efficient moment.  

Why Specialized, not standard Over-the-Phone Interpretation?

We provide specialized, business oriented OPI, not OPI for general purposes. We are focused on the specialties, and over-the-phone interaction designed for the purpose of helping your business. When it comes to your business, we will help you boost the ROI of your communication with your Japanese partners in specialized fields and for special purposes. 

Domains we cover

We are basically offering OPI for business interaction covering  marketing, planning, finance, training, consultation and brainstorming, with special focus on Healthcare, Nursing Care, Medical administration & Business and Pharmaceutical Business and Research.

What does a Solution Development involve?

Whereas a one-time service is easy to provide, a solution development for regular and time critical service is complex because the objective is often a moving target. At the core is securing systems with redundancies that allows interaction between several languages to happen in a short, and sometimes unscheduled time. We are especially geared for fast development of small solutions combining multiple communication channels when needed. i.e. fixed phones lines with back-up systems like mobile, IPphone, Skype and  similar solutions, including text-chatting. We focus on fast prototyping of communication protocols, testing and launching because of the need for a nimble and flexible approach to the requirements. Flexibility and a pro-active mindset on this provider's side have been put on trial more than one time. These qualities have proven to be keys to the proper implementation and operation of an OPI solution.

For more details and a discussion about your needs, choose your favorite mean of communication.